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As a comprehensive website on Forex trading, we have constantly been adding information and other important updated on online trading for people hailing from different countries. Forex trading is extremely popular in the United States and it is regarded as the Medina of trade with lots of opportunities and a great avenue for making money. If you happen to be someone from USA and looking for honest US Forex Brokers, then you are at the right place. Here you will find complete information on the best brokerage firms operating in United States and can have access to their trading sites. You need not have to go anywhere else as all your needs can be catered over here. You should know that every single broker so mentioned on our site is personally handpicked and there is not a single trace of scam when it comes to offer the highest amount of quality. So you should be rest assured that you are dealing with the best brokers.

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2 Essentials in Finding Best Rated US Forex Brokers

One of the most essential ingredients for a successful career in Forex trading is having a good broker by your side. The broker is actually a connection between you and the market and provides essential cover so that you are able to trade with margins. There are 2 important criteria mentioned below that can help you decide the best rated US Forex Broker:

  • Dependable: You will need a broker that is dependable and trustworthy. It has to be someone who will not vanish out of thin air with all your hard earned money. So in this regard, make sure that broker is regulated with some reliable authorities like FCA, CySec or ASIC. Also make sure that the broker has an unblemished track record with the best ratings.
  • Services: The Forex market operates 24 hours from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. So it is important that the trading platform of your broker concerned should be reachable in the aforementioned time duration. The broker should be able to provide quality customer service throughout the Forex days. Make sure that the merchant is covering the following currencies: GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, CAD, JPY and USD.

Important Factors to Look for in US Forex Brokers

The first and the most basic thing to look for in any brokerage firm is rust. If the merchant is not able to generate sufficient amount of trust, then you are merely wasting time and nothing else. The merchant should be able to provide different trading options so that you can invest without any kind of shortcomings. The merchant at the same time should have a proven track record in the past with good history. In this way you will be dealing with the best and you need not have to worry about anything else. Also make sure that the broker concerned is offering the best payment service so that you are able to deposit as well as withdraw money without unwanted hassles.

If you are residing in United States, then it is extremely important that you select the kind of US Forex Brokers that offers different types of payment services like MasterCard, Visa, Electronic Wire Transfer etc. Make sure that withdrawal request are immediately processed and if withdrawals are taking more than 7 days to arrive, then you should immediately change the broker. All the brokers mentioned on our website offer expedite payment service without any type of hassles. You will be seeking a broker that can offer you the best assets coverage so that you are able to invest money in the stocks and assets without any kind of limitations.