Top NZ Binary Options Brokers

In the recent times, we have been receiving a lot of queries from people all around the world about brokers accepting traders from New Zealand. In that respect, we at OBF offer a comprehensive guide about the top NZ Binary Options brokers. Here you will find every bit of information you need about the brokers accepting NZ residents with a complete review on the overall reliability and potential of broker concerned. You will have all your doubts clarified over here and you need not have to move anywhere else searching for a reliable New Zealand friendly broker.

Top NZ Binary Options Brokers

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All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.


Vanilla options – easyMarkets

easyMarkets does not provide binary options, but vanilla options. Vanilla options have similarities with binary options but there are differences as well, which makes it different from binary options. The main differences between these two are payouts, expiry dates, and execution.

Payouts in binary options (if the trader wins) are fixed, whereas with vanilla options the amount has no limit. Vanilla options expiry dates have full flexibility and tailored by the trader, binary options expiries are typically minute or even less. easyMarkets traders can exercise their option with no obligation at any time within the life of the contract, this is not the case for binary traders, who have no option once a contract is entered into.


Binary Options market was founded in the year 2008 and since then it has taken the financial market by its storm. It is regarded as one of the preferred destinations of online trading next only to Forex. The risk tolerance is not very high and one can make in a lot of money in a short span of time. In the recent times, a large number of brokers has mushroomed who promise to offer reliable service and great features for binary options trading. You should know that broker is the immediate link between you and the market and the importance of broker can never be underestimated.

Best Rated NZ Binary Options Brokers

There is no doubt that the internet is booming with hundreds of different types of brokers offering their expertise in binary options trading. However, it is important that you should take the services of the broker that is rated high and has a good portfolio. Given below are two of the very best brokers that you should look forward to investing for your Binary Options trading:

Following are some of the important tips that you need to narrow down when you are searching for the best rated NZ Binary Options Brokers:

  1. Regulation: Your broker of choice is a regulated one and must be governed by some regulatory authorities like ASIC, CySec or FCA. If the broker has a valid license, it is going to benefit you in several ways like for instance payment protection and funds authenticity.
  2. Access: There are some brokers who do not accept citizens from New Zealand to invest in binary options trading. Make sure to check this one properly before you select your choice of broker.
  3. Track Record: Choose a particular brokerage firm that has a good track record in the past and people have profited from it over the years. There is no point in choosing a broker who does not have a winning streak.
  4. Reputation: It is important to read the reviews and feedback of potential customers who have previously traded with the broker concerned. Read their experience and see what they have to say about the overall reliability and services of the merchant. In this way, you will be able to arrive at a final picture of the broker.
  5. User Interface: Since all the financial transactions regarding trade will be done online, it is important that you must be comfortable with the interface of the broker’s trading platform. At any point in time, if you find anything complex about the software, it is best advised to move out and switch to another broker.


The above-mentioned checklist will greatly help in choosing your choice of broker keeping frauds and scandals at bay. It is important that you must spend some amount of time finalizing your choice of broker. You should not be hasty and be completely patient in this regard. It is not every day you will be choosing a broker and it is a onetime activity. You should know a good broker can increase your overall chances of victory in binary options trading by 50%. So invest a great number of thoughts and weigh all the aspects of the broker before you arrive at a final decision.