What is Forex (FX)?

Abbreviation of “Foreign Exchange”. It is a regulated market for the trading of foreign Currency Pairs, Gold, Crude Oil, Silver and other precious metals globally. Due to leverage mechanism, it contains substantial risk-of-loss. Global daily trading volume is around 5 billion USD. Mainly used by banks (as an Inter-Bank market) and exporters/importers for risk-hedging purposes but also be used by professional and personal traders via internet brokers all around the world. (Please also refer to our “Forex” section for more detailed information.)

What is Binary Options (Binaries)?

A speculative financial trading mechanism where investors must choose the right direction of a particular asset in order to get a certain payout percentage of a traded amount. If the wrong direction will be chosen, all of the amounts will be lost. Assets coverage consists of; Currency Pairs, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices. Binary Options can be traded via online brokers. (Please also visit our “Binary Options” section for further information.)

Is Forex (FX) Risky?

Yes. The speculative risk factor depends on the leverage ratio. More leverage means more risk, less leverage means less risk.

Is Binary Options Risky?

Yes. The speculative risk percentage is minimum 50%.

How can I decrease the risk factor in Forex?

  • Refer to technical and market analyses.
  • Observe the market trends carefully before opening a position.
  • Start with a “Demo Account” of a respectful broker for practising.
  • Invest the money that you will not need to spend in the short-term.
  • Select the “Most Trusted Brokers” with strong history and background.
  • Deal with the Forex trading as an investment, not a short-term earning opportunity.

How can I decrease the risk factor in Binary Options?

  • Refer to technical and market comments.
  • Observe the market movements carefully before executing a trade.
  • Deposit the money that you will not need to use in the short-term.
  • Prefer the “Most Secure Brokers” with proven success and trust.
  • Engage in Binary Options trading as an additional income, not a primary business.

What is the minimum amount needed for opening a real Forex account?

There is not an exact amount same for each and every broker. It depends on the broker’s terms & policies. Generally between $100-$1000.

What is the minimum amount needed for opening a real Binary Options account?

The deposit amounts vary from one broker to another. There is not any exact amount for all of the brokers.Mostly between $100-$250.

What are the trading times of Forex?

Forex markets are open from Monday to Friday and 24 hours a day.

What are the Binary Options trading times?

Binary Options can be traded in 24 hours during all of the weekdays.

Where is the Forex market?

There is no physical location. It is an Over-the-Counter (OTC) market being traded between banks.

What is the maximum profit amount in Forex trading?

It is directly correlated with the trading positions and success of the traders. There is no upper-limit for profits.

How much can I earn at most in Binary Options trading?

It totally depends on your performance of successful direction predictions regarding the chosen assets.