Can You Make Money Trading Forex

Can You Make Money Trading Forex


Undoubtedly Forex brings a financial opportunity to the traders because it is the biggest market hub at the present moment. So anyone asking “Can you make money trading Forex” should know the simple answer which is a big YES! However, the answer to the above question needs a deep explanation because it is a very complex question in nature.

Figure Does Not Matter in Forex Industry

Every day approximately 3 trillion dollars change hands in the Forex industry and this number can mislead you. One should know that a huge part of this money figure is actually regular currency exchanging which is done by blue-chip companies or any individual who is traveling to a foreign destination. Hence, the money is not directly available to the traders in the first place. Another important thing one should be aware that there are multiple trades taking place in the Forex market at a given time. These trades add up to this enormous daily volume which the market has at the moment. So it is not possible on the part of any person to take part in all these trading and hence, the three trillion dollars figure does not sound appropriate actually because it does not have any personal bearings.

But having said so, one should know that Forex has a huge potential to offer the traders and one should exploit every opportunity available to them. But there are few things one should keep in mind and they are discussed below under the following headings:


  1. The market offers a stiff competition and no matter if you are an experienced trader, you would be matching your expertise with the skilled ones. Your competitors will leave no stone unturned in cashing on the opportunities made available to them.
  2. There are very large financial institutions with astronomical money who indulge in Forex trading. As a result of their huge resources, they are often able to manipulate the market to their own advantages and that too in a short span of time. You will have a difficult time beating them up.
  3. It takes a lot of experience and sound skills to make money out of Forex. It is not something that will happen within a few days or weeks. It takes a decent amount of time and demands patience from the traders. You can expect success instantly because you need to work really hard to join the elite club of rich traders.
  4. There is no doubt that one can make a lot of money in Forex but it should always be your second source of income. It is so because the market is very fragile and inconsistent and you never know when your millions can turn into rags. Never quit your job and invest money in Forex as a part-time business.
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One needs to cultivate numerous trading strategies in order to make money out of Forex. There is a set and leave strategy in which traders need to make their research, select a betting platform and then exit. The best time to trade Forex is between 08:00 to 17:00 as per GMT because the market is less volatile at that period.

How to Make Money on the Forex Market

Is Forex Best Place for Earn Money for Inexperienced Souls?

Forex is a very alluring industry that entices both skilled as well as inexperienced traders because of its huge potential for making money out of money. Just like someone who does not have any prior dart throwing experience but might hit the bull’s eye in their very first throw. Similarly in Forex, one can hit the jackpot in the very first trade. But the important thing is that one needs to be consistent if they want to be on the winning side always.

How to Trade Forex Infographic

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How to Trade Forex Infographic

Reason for the Nemesis of Inexperienced Traders

Most inexperienced traders fall quickly because they are not patient enough and want results without spending considerable time. Although one might be inexperienced, they need to learn the intricacies of the market which only comes through studying and research. One will need to develop the money management skills and should be able to understand the trade fundamentals and read charts. They will also need to invest a major part in studying the charts to understand resistance, support, market trends, and trade pattern.

How to Start Trading for Inexperienced Traders

Any inexperienced user who is opting to invest money in Forex trading should make use of trading software in the first place. It will remove all the guessing work the newbie trader has in their mind. Since it operates on a set of pre-defined conditions, it will do all the transaction on behalf of the trader. The software does not guarantee to win every time but in the long run, it is pretty useful. One also needs to open a demo account to implement strategies and make practice trade without risking any of their hard earned money.

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Making Money is fast in Forex than You Have Ever Imagined

If you are an ambitious trader who is looking forward to maximizing their earning potential, then you need to have 3 important things in mind namely: Forex Trading Account, Trading Software, and Money in the Account. Once the above things are ready, you are ready to start the trade. One should make use of automated Forex trading system also because it can help one in making money fast and that too in an appropriate manner. There are some genuine robots available who analyze the market trends and provides profitable trade depending upon favorable market conditions.


Forex is undoubtedly a very good place to make money online. But they should know that it takes a lot of planning, knowledge and appropriate skills to make money out if this industry. If you are brave enough, able to exploit the market conditions and a continuous learner then you are absolutely fit to start trading. Don’t get crestfallen if you incur losses because it will lay the foundation for learning and will serve a good stead in the long run. At the same time, don’t get carried away if you are winning. Always try to be reasonable and don’t take the market for granted because you never know when it can turn against you. So invest wisely and learn from your mistakes if you wish to become a successful trader in Forex.


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