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If you are looking for a broker that is offering their services to your country or region, you are in the right place. Some countries or regions are more regulated than others and the brokers who are offering their services in that particular location should also follow the regulations of that area.

Some brokers won’t even allow customers from country X because the regulations for the country X are too expensive to acquire. Without regulating they can’t accept people from that particular country as their clients. A good example is the US, where acquiring the regulation is very costly and that’s why many brokers don’t accept customer from the US at all.

From this page, you can find brokers who offer their services in different countries and regions. This means that these brokers are regulated by that country or region and they can accept you as their customer. It is also safer to use a broker that is regulated than one who doesn’t follow any regulations at all. Keep this in mind and remember to check it from the authority issuing the regulations, not from only the brokers’ own website as in the worst case, they might be lying.

We also provide here a list of brokers who offer something that most brokers are not offering, like uncommon payment method, a low minimum deposit or no-deposit at all, etc. Take your time reading the reviews of the brokers and create your account to start trading with a broker who offers the best suitable environment for you. It is also important to check what payment methods the broker is using so that you can be sure you can deposit and withdraw funds easily.

Select the category that fits you and read a couple of reviews!


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