Binary Options Review

Binary Options Review

Binary Options has been one of the most used trading tools for binary options trading. This free trading software that has over 50 assets, investment control features, VIP account features, trading history, reliable brokers, and multiple trading options.

The reputation of being the best binary trading robot is known among binary options trading community because of its adaptability toward beginners and experienced traders. Our review intends to show all the Software Review software requires no downloads. Traders can use this binary robot as long as they’re online. As a matter of fact, in this review, traders can see that is a 100% free binary trading robot. The software behind this binary robot is based on algorithm trading. This sophisticated set of mathematical equations is able to scan the financial market, calculate the most accurate prediction of asset movement and minimise the effect of constant market fluctuations. Such software precision is superior to human ability and therefore, is not controlled by any emotion. For that reason, software is able to perform remarkable predictions of asset movement and generate binary signals which could result in lucrative trades.


In order to gain full access to, traders can open a free account with just a few mouse clicks. Once the account is activated, you simply proceed to make a deposit with a broker from the platform. For this step of our review research, we noted that traders can make the first deposit with a broker for an amount of $250. This is usually the standard broker deposit amount in order to begin trading. Once the traders complete the deposit payment with a broker, they are free to continue to the platform and familiarise themselves with all the features. does not process any payments and also does not perform any withdrawals for that matter. You can register for free and trade with as long as you are online. In addition, transactions are always done with brokers from the Robot dashboard.

Platform & Assets platform features can be customised to match the trader’s personal trading tempo. Additionally, traders can optimise their features differently for every broker they decide to deposit with.

Once you access your dashboard, you will see that the biggest section belongs to assets. has over 50 underlying assets on the platform. They are divided into stocks, commodities and currency pairs. When traders choose to invest in the assets, they have to keep them activated. This can be done selectively, however, the number of activated assets may influence the flow of popular signals. The more assets there are activated, the more binary signals can be generated. In this regard, traders have to be wise about assets since it affects the trades that could be missed out on due to the small number of activated assets.

Traders can also set their own Trading Amounts for each asset type. However, most brokers have a minimum trading amount of $25. Moreover, you can choose to invest in just one asset type or more.

Features features like Max Daily Trades and Daily Stop Loss focus on better management of your investment in trades. Max Daily Trades is about setting a maximum number of trades for daily trading. On the other hand, Daily Stop Loss focuses on setting a spending amount for daily trading. For the purposes of this review, we noted that each feature provides safer trading options as the traders are the ones who set boundaries in their spending habits.

VIP Account Features

Traders can develop further skills if they activate VIP Account. This advanced account provides additional features with a better focus on your trading appetite and greater opportunities for your trading abilities.

The VIP Account is valuable to traders because it gives them features like Risk Level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times. Traders can activate the VIP account right after they make the first deposit with a broker. Our review shows that traders are rewarded with a free month of VIP features.

Risk Level feature lets traders control the trading risks from low to high. With high-risk level, you can invest higher profit trades with more offered trades because there are more signals being generated. Low-risk level means traders can invest in fewer but safer trades.

There are 2 expiry times options: 60 seconds and Daily Trades. And also provides no less than 5 trading strategies that traders can add to their trading technique.

Customer Support

In our review, we have to note the pleasant experience that we had with Customer Support. The staff is quite professional, helpful and engaged with the user. The website has a Live Chat and Contact from for traders to use if they wish to contact customer support.

They are available from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm. In our review, traders can also find out how they need to contact Customer Support in order to become VIP members. Traders can get the VIP membership free for one month after the first broker deposit.

This review will hopefully resonate among traders who prefer trading with binary tools because this binary robot is the best option that is currently available in the binary options trading industry.


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